The OBEM Company
OBEM Museum

"Dog House" steaming autoclave 1947

Steaming "Dog House" 1953

High pressure steaming machine 1959

MTA/30 for hank dyeing coupled 1962

TC/0 for tops dyeing 1967

First coupling between 4 hank dyeing machines 1968

TC/0 dyehouse for tops 1970

TC/0 high pressure tops dyeing 1971

First robotized steam setting machine for tow to top production line 1972

First robotized bell typesteaming and conditioning machine 1972

API/850/VD 1973

2x API/O/24 coupled 1977

API/O/16 for packages 1978

Sizing Chemical Mixer 1949

Atmospheric tops dyeing machines 1955

API/V for package dyeing 1961

TC/300 for tops dyeing 1964

TCP/O for cheese dyeing 1968

TC/200 for tops dyeing 1970

API/T/5 for package dyeing 1971

API/V for dyeing 300Kg of packages 1972

API/1/240 for laboratory dyeing 1976

API/1750 for zip dyeing on beams 1977