Dyeing Machinery -

Package API/O
Parallel coupling
Valves for load reduction
Dummy cylinders for load reduction
The API/O machines provide sensible savings of thermal energy, water and chemical products and for this reason they are considered friendly to the environment. In fact, API/O can reach a minimum liquor ratio of 1:3 with some particular yarns even if it is fully flooded.
Furthermore the low liquor ratio reached help to improve the reliability of dyeing process and allows to obtain dyeing results of high quality level.
Being modular, the API/O of small or large capacity share the same accessories and by using dummies and/or automatic valves for load reduction, they can work reducing their capacity up to 30% of the full load.
With API/O it is possible to dye lots of 10 kg up to a maximum of 3,000 kg (with 4 machines in parallel) and its robotization can be easily done without losing the advantages of load flexibility.
To further increase the advantages of the system we have realized the automatic centrifugal hydro-extractor for processing the packages on their spindles before drying them. This allows to minimize the energy consumption and the time of exposing the yarns to the heat.
The API/O system is actually used successfully for handling all kinds of yarn of natural or synthetic fibres or blends wound on packages or warp beams, thereof in every field of the textile industry world-wide.