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Package - API/V

Package API/V
Load reduction
Parallel coupling
The OBEM API/V machines are the traditional type, vertical kier dyeing machines. They are really the multi-purpose solution apparatuses for processing all kind of fibres and in any type of form like in packages, tops, loose fibre and tow, only by changing the material-holders.
The API/V are manufactured in various models:
- with air pad and internal pump
- fully flooded with internal pump
- with air pad and external pump
- fully flooded with external pump
The API/V capacity is variable from 20 to 10.000 kg
In addition to its great flexibility, API/V is a machine at low liquor ratio, variable from 1:3 to 1:8 according to the type of fibre and material to be dyed.
The pump of the API/V is controlled by PLC/inverter in order to assure an optimal liquor flow; the high efficiency heat exchangers assure fast rate of temperature rise and very high heat recovery during the cooling phase. Obviously API/V can be equipped with all the accessories suited to give the security of the quality result to the dyer.
In the last 20 years, OBEM has realised, with API/V machines, plants partially robotized and others entirely robotized, where the whole cycle, from the loading phase of the raw material to the final phase of unloading the dyed and dryed material, are fully automatic.